His Owner Is About To Walk By – How The Duckling Reacts Is Hysterical!

A man claims to have found this duckling wandering about all alone outside his house and that’s when he decided to rescue it. The duckling was so tiny the man knew it would be very difficult for it to fend for itself. Now the duckling thinks that the man is his daddy so wherever the man goes, the duckling follows! The only thing the duckling wants is to be with his daddy!

But the best part is when the little duckling was sitting on his daddy’s lap… it fell asleep! The entire world knows now just how much this duckling loves his daddy and just how much he wants to be with him all the time! This man, on the other hand, deserves to be recognized for rescuing this tiny life and giving it a second chance

Incredible, isn’t it? I bet the tiny little duck would never ever have to wander alone anymore! Happy endings, I love them!