Man Walking The Streets Surprises Homeless People With Exactly What They Want For Christmas

Thinking about all the things we want for the holidays each year might come as second nature.

If you have good family and friends surrounding you, the norm is to buy things for one another.

Gifts, tickets, experiences, we’re all almost expecting these things during the holiday season.

But when we take a step back and think, we’ll hopefully realize we have most of the things we need already.

If you’re lucky enough to have a roof over your head, food on your plate, and love surrounding you, you don’t truly need much else, do you?

Sure money can be an issue, and don’t get me wrong, receiving and giving gifts from and to loved ones is a beautiful and exciting privilege. But the important thing to remember this holiday season, and every one to come, is that there are much more important things in life than physical gifts.

Many of our gifts are here for us all year round.

Some people, like the many homeless people around the world, are not lucky enough to have half of what many of us do, let alone get a gift on Christmas.

Knowing that, YouTube user The Random Altruist decided to try to make a difference.

Walking the streets, he goes up to some of the many homeless people in search of change. He asks them all what they want for Christmas.

Some of their answers are expected, while others are surprising. But all of them are simpler and more selfless than what we might list ourselves.

The results of this video are both beautiful and magical, and this video is a great reminder to all of us for the holidays.