If Your Nose Is Stuffed This Simple Trick Will Clear It Immediately.

No one likes having to deal with a clogged, stuffed up nose. It’s uncomfortable and makes life miserable. When all of the sniffling and blowing into tissues fail to clear your nasal passages, it can be downright maddening. Sometimes it leads to even further health problems, like the pressure that accompanies it which may cause sinus pain or headaches, and it often makes breathing more difficult.

While some of us turn to nasal sprays and decongestants, they don’t always work and they’re just not for everyone. Not to mention, they usually aren’t all that cheap or comfortable to use. Instead of reaching for a product which may or may not be effective, try these alternative methods which are completely all-natural, safe, free, and proven to work. They are one of those awesome things that you’ll be glad you did because your nose will finally be clear and life will instantly get better!

The people over at Prevention Magazine put together this quick video to show us two very simple ways on how to clear a stuffy nose instantly. Amy Rushlow, the Managing Editor for, demonstrates not only how to perform each technique, she also explains why they work as well. Check out the great video clip and read on for more information about the simple tricks!

The first method is what’s known as the “Tongue Tap Trick.” To perform this one start by pressing the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth for several seconds, then release it. Right after you do that, take your finger and press the middle point on your forehead that’s located right between your eyebrows. Alternate pressing between on and off on this spot for twenty seconds and your congestion should start to clear out.

The second technique is called the “Hold Your Breath Method.” It involves tipping your head back, pinching shut your nose, and holding your breath for as long as you can stand. When you finally must take a breath, breathe in the fresh air through your now clear nasal passages!

There you have it, the easiest ways to rid yourself of a stuffy nose! To learn why these incredibly simple techniques work so well, refer to the video for the scientific explanation. The next time you hear someone complaining about being all stuffed up, tell them to try one of the above tricks and pass them on so everyone you know can learn all about them as well!