Divers Swim With Marine Iguana Near The Galápagos Islands

Steve Winkworth was diving at Cabo Marshall, Galapagos Islands, when he encountered a fascinating creature that can only be found there – the marine iguana! The lizard is unique among modern lizards because it forages for food in the sea and can dive over 30 feet (9m) below the water. It mainly lives on the rocky shores of the islands to warm itself after swimming in the cold water.

When Charles Darwin first saw the animals he described them as “disgusting” and “clumsy” and nicknamed them “imps of darkness”. But he might have changed his mind if he saw them swimming underwater, where they seem graceful and at ease eating algae off the rocks. Many believe the clumsiness Darwin describes, is because of the sluggishness the iguanas experience after emerging from the chilly waters.