It Was A Normal Trip In The Car Until The Music Came On And The Dog Did THIS

We all love our dogs because we share a special connection with them, but did you know that apart from loving us, our dogs also appreciate music? You might think I’m making this up and this is why you’ve got to see this adorable German Shepherd dog in the video below! As soon as the music starts, she proves to the world what a big hip hop fan she really is! What’s she listening to?

She sat in the car and suddenly Flo-Rida’s “Get Low” started playing and now you’ve got to watch her ears! I know sometimes dogs do silly things, but I’ve never come across one dancing with her ears! While some people think it’s fake, I think fake or not, all this pup wants to do is spread love, so let’s enjoy it

We spend most of our time thinking about what needs to be done and get stressed sometimes for no reason. This pup teaches us that when music comes on, be silly and enjoy life!