Judges Laugh At Her When She Walks On Stage, Then She Pulls Out A Weird-Looking Violin

On “Britain’s Got Talent” back in 2014 the world was introduced to Lettice Rose Rowbotham, a violin-toting contestant whose quirky personality is still talked about today.

And yes, her first name, as she describes in the video below, is pronounced exactly like the vegetable. Hailing from Dorking, Surrey, in the United Kingdom, Rowbotham instantly captured the attention of the judges and the audience the moment she walked on stage.

Her quirky, enthusiastic demeanor caused the judges to explode into laugher — even Simon Cowell couldn’t help but crack a smile! Her mannerisms, along with the explanation of her name, were all met with laughter from the crowd and surprised faces from the judges.

Her reason for auditioning? To show them all her “thing.” Or rather, her talent.

That very same talent had been honed since she was 4 years old, when she was given a plastic violin. She then wanted a real one, which she took to after finally receiving.

But according to her, the most stunning fact of her audition was that she was “too hungover to be nervous.”

Whatever works for her, I guess!

And work it did, as the moment she began to play her violin, all the judges’ faces shot up in shock, and the crowd quickly exploded into cheers and applause.

Indeed, Rowbotham went on to finish in eighth place, and has since had a burgeoning career in music!