Kitten Lost Two Back Legs And Ditches Wheelchair, Now Watch How He Gets Around

Every once in a while animals remind humans that though life can be hard, it’s possible to respond to life’s challenges with amazing resiliency — and to bring the rest of the world smiles along the way. The kitten in this video is living the jet-set lifestyle and serving as a wonderful example to the rest of us along the way.

Cassidy is a rescue kitten who lost lost both of his back legs while being saved from tough circumstances. Luckily, though, Cassidy has found a unique way to remain mobile in his new life. He’s gotten himself a roving Roomba which he rides like a horse around his new home! Cassidy’s brought a whole new meaning to the term “low rider”.

Making a miraculous recovery and finding himself a robotic wheelchair to
explore the world — Cassidy is an amazing kitten!