Lazy Dog Conquers Treadmill Routine – He’s Such A Clever Boy!

This pooch has it all figured out. There are times when dogs just don’t want to go for a walk. Period. Yes, it’s rare for a pup to want to have an off day, but it does happen and it happens to all of us. But what happens when we have to own up to it and do it anyway? Some of us take a shortcut.

Here’s the doggy on all fours on the treadmill. He looks happy skipping along, his fur shaking and tail loosely wagging. He’s got his tongue out, starting to feel his body warming up. Then he has a eureka moment. He backs up a little, so his feet are on the back support beam – the smart little dog figured out he can perch his back paws while only his front paws do the work! 

His owner pipes up and calls him out on his cheating. It’s almost as if he understands English, because, without hesitation, he walks ahead, on all fours. He goes on for another minute before wanting to take a break and assuming his “relaxing” position. The owner mentions it again, and the pup looks guilty as if to say, “Ugh, ok ok. Fine. FINE! You caught me….”