Mama Cat And Her Kitten Walk Up To This Dog. His Reaction Is Absolutely Priceless!

So a cat gives birth to some kittens. Her first instinct is to go show off her new family off to one of her best friends whom she hasn’t seen in quite a while.

Her best friend just happens to be a dog. This playful pooch is ecstatic that her old buddy has come to visit and is doing well. At first they simply greet each other like two old friends would do. Then the kittens enter the picture and the dog gets all playful and gently wild as she gives attention to the kids, while the mom simply watches the action from the sidelines.

It’s amazing how the dog gently strokes the little kittens and even gets down on the ground to their level, lying on it’s back most of the time, before rising and congratulating her cat friend on the beautiful family she has while getting a little play time in with the new mommy! Wonderful!