Mama Pit Bull Growls To Defend Her Newborn Puppies, Then Realizes Rescuers Are Trying To Help

There are millions of stray animals living tough lives on the streets or in cages in animal shelters, hoping to have a home one day. In an episode of Pit Bulls & Parolees, the crew was called in to help take care of a stray pit bull. The dog was found hiding away in a pen in a backyard.

It was a mama pit bull who had given birth to puppies very recently. To protect her young, she hid them away and didn’t let anyone get close. If anyone came near her, she growled loudly and barked until they walked away. But Tia and her daughter Mariah, from the group, know how to handle a dog like this mama.

They approached slowly with caution. First, they earned her trust with some chicken and proved they weren’t going to hurt her.

When the mama understood that, she came out of the pen and walked right into the crate they’d set up for her. Luckily, they were able to get the puppies out just in time, as they were covered in fleas and their own urine. A trip to the vet and a nice warm bath is all they needed!

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