Man Rescued A Tiny Kitten, But When He Looked Into Its Eyes? I Cried.

We here constantly encourage you to adopt rescue animals. They are so in need, and they can often be the best and most loving pets because no matter what you may think, they forever appreciate you for saving them. Adopting a rescue animal creates a nearly unbreakable bond between you and that animal. What creates an even strong bond? Rescuing an animal firsthand. 

That’s exactly what Zilara and her brother did not so long ago. They found this cat abandoned and along, and her brother went to save it. He scooped up the kitten in his arms and brought it into his car. Here is a picture of the two of them just after the rescue.

Man Rescued A Tiny Kitten But When He Looked Into Its Eyes I Cried 1

You can already see the bond of love forming between them, and in this next picture, you can see the absolute adoration pouring forth from the kittens eyes. These two are sure to be friends for a long, long time.

Man Rescued A Tiny Kitten But When He Looked Into Its Eyes I Cried 2

They brought the tiny kitten home and decided right then and there that they would keep him. As he settled into the home, rolling around on the soft carpet that felt so good on his body, the brother and sister duo tried to think of a name for their new furry friend.

They eventually landed on Kaya, and that name has stuck. Kaya has been living with his new loving owners for two months now, and their bond of love and friendship has only grown stronger. Kaya fits right in with the family, and he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world!