2 Contractors Sing ‚Mary Did You Know.’Unique Rendition Is Leaving Everyone With Chills

The Singing Contractors, Aaron and Josh, have left the Internet stunned with their voices before, but their version of „Mary Did You Know“ takes things to the next level. With power tools in hand, they belt out the well-known Christmas tune and give us all chills in the process.

The two burly men stop in the middle of a home renovation project to give their online fans something they’ve been asking about for years: an a capella performance of the hauntingly beautiful song, „Mary Did You Know.“ The song has been remade by hundreds of artists since its release in 1991, but none hold a candle to this stripped-down, raw performance by The Singing Contractors.

Aaron and Josh have been hounded by their hoard of fans for an official CD of their music, and they finally decided to release one coming up soon! Until then, take solace in the fact the Internet is full of their songs – like this emotionally charged version of „Mary Did You Know.“ Press „play“ on the video below to listen for yourself!