She Made This Mistake Everyday. Until This Incident Taught Her A Lesson Of A Lifetime. MUST WATCH!

You’re leaving a mall while sending and receiving texts from a friend.You’restrolling ahead distracted by your conversation,with your eyes glued to the screen.This isjust the opportunitya criminal looks for when choosing a victim.Faster thanyou can hit the send button, youhave beenabducted and thrown into acar trunk.This scenario has happened to others, and could happen toyou or someone you love.How can you avoid this terrifying situation? Following these few simple safety tips fromPretty Loadedwill help you stay aware and out of danger:

The first tip is to remain constantly alert to your surroundings when leaving a building. Does the scene look safe? Is anyone by your vehicle? Do they seem to be loitering? Ifa person is sizing you up as a potential target, being distracted and/or having your head down texting gives them the “go” signal that you are vulnerable.
Always have your keysin hand,and walk like you know exactly where you are headed. If you notice someone suspicious in your vicinity, look them in the eye, don’t look away. Looking away implies fear, making eye contact shows you see them clearly and are ready to respond if needed. Hold your shopping bags and purse in a way that helps keep your dominant hand free to fend off a possible attack.
If your senses tell you there is a reason to be fearful, go back inside into the buiding and request an escort. Don’t be too embarrassed to be reasonably safe, even if it turns out the person was not a threat.