Mom Carries Her Hair Like A Baby, Then Drops It Downstairs To Reveal Longest Locks In The World

Asha Mandela of Atlanta, GA, has hair longer than a bus. Yep. Her 55-foot dreadlocks have become world famous, but the 53-year-old wants to go bigger and longer — despite the fact doctors warn she could paralyze herself!

Asha has been growing her hair since her twenties, and it began as a spiritual quest to find herself. She now refuses to cut her hair, which she refers to as “the baby.” Asha claims her dreadlocks have helped her overcome cancer, two strokes, and two heart attacks.

However, doctors says the sheer length and weight of hair is having a negative impact on her neck and spine. Her hair weighs nearly 40 pounds and takes two days to wash and dry!

While Asha usually carries her dreadlocks in her arms or in a scarf wrapped around her waist, she worries that someone with a “hair fetish” will cut a chunk off of her locks when she’s not looking. However, there is one area it has not affected, and that’s her love life.

Asha has been married three times and claims her hair adds “a bit of spice” to her romantic relationships. “A lot of men out there are crazy for women with long hair,” she says. In 2009, Guinness World Records gave Asha the title of “World’s Longest Dreadlocks.” At the time, they were 22 feet long.