Mom Starts Recording When Her German Shepherd Picks Up A Shovel To Help Clear The Snow

When the snow starts to fall, whether you love winter or not, there is one dreaded thought that will come into everyone’s mind: I have to shovel now.

Shoveling, plowing, and waiting for roads to clear are the worst — or best — parts of winter.

If the streets are too dangerous to drive on, you might get the day off from work or school.

Plus, after shoveling in the cold for hours, you’re allowed a guilt-free cup of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows.

But other than that, it seems like the shoveling aspect is just about the worst part of winter. Unless you for some reason like being wet, cold, and still somehow sweaty.

Thankfully for this family, their 2-year-old German shepherd, named Gangster, is an absolute savior.

He not only helps them shovel snow, but he gets annoyed if the plow tries to take over!

When you watch this video you’ll see I’m not kidding or exaggerating. He actually has it down to a science.

You can see the snow piling up and you can tell that it’s actually a huge help. He must be well-trained because this dog talent is something I’ve never seen before!