Mom sees her stressful day through eyes of toddler who thought it was magical.

Staying at home with kids is a lot harder than many people think. Many stay-at-home parents often feel like a ring leader at a very unruly circus on a day when none of the acts go as expected.

Needless to say, many moms — who spend almost twice as much time with kids as fathers do, according to a U.S government American Time Use Survey — feel drained and stressed out.

The work of watching and teaching kids, doing housework and errands and keeping everyone fed, safe and simply entertained can feel grueling, especially when there’s no real break in the day.

Rarely do parents who care for small kids get time to simply relax or just focus in the moment — especially when a curious toddler can go awry from one second to the next.

But watch the video below to see a reminder of why parents work so hard. There’s no doubt that the mother’s job is tough — but there’s also no doubt that the kids think of their time with her as full of magic and love…