Mother And Son Dance-Off Through The Decades – Who Did It Better?

As part of a charity talent show to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer NPO, this mother and son dancing duo hit the stage to show the crowd their hidden talent.

Mom is Ginny, and she’s the counselor at the Myers Park High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ginny and her son Scott choreographed a dance compilation that showcases an assortment of dance moves, in no particular order, from the “Macarena” to “Cotton-Eye Joe” and everything in between.

At first, Ginny and Scott are taking it easy, warming up their moves and their audience. They start with Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” dancing in sync across the stage. Next up is “Macarena,” both of them with big smiles on their faces, lighting up the audience with their attitude, and stage presence.

Eventually, they have a little dance-off, Ginny and Scott taking turns dropping some solo moves to YMCA, and Silentó’s “Watch Me.” Their video goes on for just over 4 minutes, spanning different genres and lots of choreography. Ginny and Scott come back full circle, ending with “Uptown Funk” and finish with a perfect photo opportunity that has the crowd applauding loud and proud! Way to go guys!

Click below to see the video that originally had 49 million views on the Myers Park High School Facebook page.