Musical Savant Can Play Any Song In Any Style Despite His Disability

Derek Paravicini is one in a million. He was born several months premature and very nearly died, but somehow managed to survive. Unfortunately, that traumatic premature birth took its toll on him, and he was diagnosed with several developmental disabilities at a very early age. It was only by chance during his childhood that he was able to find his true calling in life – playing the piano.

Derek is what is known as a savant, which means that although he has limited functionality when it comes to most things there’s one special talent that he possesses at a near-superhuman level. Savantism can present itself in many different ways – some savants excel at mathematical calculation, others are master painters, while others can count calendar dates thousands of years in the past or future. Actor Dustin Hoffman famously played a savant with an ability to count cards and perform other complex calculations in the 1988 classic “Rain Main.” For Derek, his savantism presents itself in the form of astounding musical ability, specifically on the piano.