My Neighbor’s Cats Wanted To Go Out, But It Wasn’t Safe. What They Did For Them? EPIC!

Pet owners know the dangers of having your pet stay outdoors for extended periods of time. If they are not penned or chained up, they can be hit by a car or get lost. Many cats and dogs grew up indoors and don’t know how to survive outdoors, they could be susceptible to predators, snakes, hawks, or other neighborhood pets that run loose.

Even if you decide your pets can go outside, you still worry about their safety. The woman in this video is a mom to many cats, some of the cats like to be outdoors, but she was concerned about them. So, she built a covered bridge type system for her cats to use!

Seems like that first building represents a rest stop of sorts – the first cat in was not the first cat out! LOL! Maybe she should install a second ‘lane’ – a fast lane and a slower scaredy cat lane!