Nervous 16-Year-Old Starts To Sing, Then Judges Look At Each Other In Disbelief

When you were 16 years old, did you know what your purpose in life was? Did you know what you wanted to do in the future? Or even know where to start?

If you’re anything like me, you probably didn’t. But if you’re anything like Amelia Lily, you definitely knew already.

When Amelia was only 16 years old she’d not only found her purpose alraedy, she’d found her passion and talent too, all jumbled up into one: her singing.

When Amelia took the stage on The X Factor in 2011, her and her family seemed a bit nervous. But as soon as Amelia’s mouth opened to sing her song, it seemed everything melted away.

The judges were stunned, and even she and her loved ones were by the end of it all, when she had the entire arena cheering.

Even after asking her age multiple times, these judges couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed. Being so young, so talented, and so professional is something no one was expecting!

Thankfully, Amelia put her nerves and doubts to the side and went for it. This audition changed her life, and it’s a beautiful moment to hear and see unfold!