Nurse’s New Bathing Technique Made Mom Nervous, Until She Saw Newborn’s Reaction

Any new parent can attest that bath time can be a trying experience. A screaming, wet baby is a lot to deal with – let alone, someone who is seriously deprived of sleep! Thankfully, one French nurse came up with a bathing technique that puts your child to sleep all while getting them used to being in the water!

Even though bathing a squirmy newborn may seem like a Herculean task, the Mayo Clinic has a list of tips to make the process go smoothly! The site explains that simple sponge baths on a warm, flat surface are totally acceptable until the baby’s umbilical cord falls off! If you’re going to give your new baby a more typical bath, it’s important to not leave more than two inches of water in the basin – unless you’re trying this revolutionary technique. Instead of a shallow bath in a plastic tub, this nurse fills up a sink with lukewarm water and holds the newborn carefully in her arms.

She slowly lowers the newborn into the water and nearly submerges her. Instead of squirming around, this little one falls asleep instantly and looks like she’s as comfortable as can be! This method of bathing mimicks the liquid in the mother’s womb and helps the baby feel at ease as she gets clean. Hopefully, more mothers will try this technique (keeping mind of the baby’s head position) to help their child get used to the idea of taking a bath. Take a peek at the nurse’s brilliant bathing plan for yourself by pressing „play“ on the video below. We can’t believe this hasn’t caught on all over the world!