People were laughing when an overweight dancer took the stage, but then he started to dance!

The other day I was watching a video of these guys who were very good at dancing. They had a unique story. They were twin brothers who had been born with a rare problem in their legs. The thing is, their legs started to arch as they grew up. They looked okay until they turned 2 years old. Standing and walking started to get very painful for them. Their parents did not have a lot of resources but decided to take them to see a specialist.

The specialist saw them and immediately gave his diagnosis. The condition had been detected early, but they might still require surgery if the treatment didnâ??t help. They were prescribed orthopedic shoes that needed to be handmade in another city. These shoes had to be fitted by the specialist and replaced every 6 months with the new prescription.

They were under treatment for about 5 years and one of them did require a minor surgery. After many months of waiting, their problem had been solved. They had always liked dancing, but were not able to due to the problem they had in their legs. As soon as they were okay, they started practicing relentlessly. You see, they had always been big fans of hip-hop and dance music. Their dream was to take part and win a competition.

The first competition they entered was a talent search in their school. They went and got the whole hip-hop outfit and they were pumped. Everyone at their school was aware of their story and greeted them with a round of applause as they took the stage. All the school was very proud of them and very happy that they got to reach one of their goals. This had a greater meaning because the specialist had told their parents that there was a chance that they would not be able to walk normally again.

They took the stage and shocked everyone. It was as if they had been practicing for the longest of time. They had some moves that even professional dancers have a tough time pulling off. They danced their way into everyoneâ??s heart, and at the end of the night, they received a standing ovation from everyone in attendance. When they announced the winners, it was a tie between them and a boy who sang very well.

After watching them, I learned that nothing was impossible if you really put your heart into it. As did the dancer in the following video. He proved all the doubters who thought that he would have an â??okâ?? performance just because he was a little on the heavy side. He starts dancing and pulls some moves that would put some other dancers to shame. Just watch!