Physics Teacher Shoots Himself Underwater In Experiment

Andreas Wahl is a mad TV scientist who has a show called Life on the Line on the Norwegian channel NRK Viten. Always keen to prove a theory, Wahl recently jumped off a building with no safety rope – relying a counterweight to wrap around a pole, using Newton’s laws of circular motion.

In his latest stunt, he stood just a few feet in front of a gun then, using a piece of string, fired it at his stomach. Sounds pretty stupid, right? Well, luckily for Wahl he was there to prove that a moving object is subject to greater resistance from water molecules than air molecules – and was therefore under water.

This guy epitomises the concept of “mad scientist” and does so in style. Hopefully he won’t end up killing himself in the quest for knowledge. However, if you wish to see a man jump from a height of 14 metres (46 feet) with no safety rope, check out his previous viral video.