This Pit Bull Who Had Been Used For Dogfighting Receives Love For The First Time

A shelter visitor recorded this video to show how gentle Pit Bulls can be… even those who come from a violent past. 
The woman can be heard talking gently to the Pibble, coaxing him closer to her.
This poor Pit Bull has been through a lot. The fear and distrust of humans is clear in his eyes and demeanor.

The pup is shy and hesitant, but obviously longing for some love. This is probably one of the first human beings he’s ever encountered that didn’t want to do bad things to him.
The pooch grunts and looks away at first, but clearly wants to take the chance and go nearer. You can see the loving look in his eyes as he nervously wags his tail—an indication that he’s loving the attention, but is still afraid!

After a few minutes of convincing, the woman finally gets to touch the dog’s nose. The pooch rests his head on his water container as the woman reaches for his muzzle – stroking it gently and lovingly.

The woman finally wins the Pit Bull’s trust and convinces the shy dog to come up to the kennel gate – allowing the woman to pet him more.

“See, you’re not aggressive,” the woman says. “You’re just scared.”

The Pit Bull crawls nearer the woman – pleading her for more scratches on his neck, pets on his muzzle and nose!

The sweet look in his face and the wag of his tail is just priceless!

This dog surely just wants to be loved!

We’re so sorry about what happened to you sweet pup! We’re so happy that you’re safe at last! Happy Tails!