Plane prepares for lift off – now watch the tourists sunbathing on the beach

That aircrafts are powerful vessels, we already know. But just how much power they actually possess is something this video clearly reveals.

The small Carribean island of St. Marteen is already well-known for its Princess Juliana International Airport which features a runway directly on the beach.

Tourists on the small Maho beach strip are therefore at very close proximity to planes taking on – and off the airport.

This leads to some pretty extraordinary experience – albeit also somewhat disconcerting.

In the clip below, we witness a Boeing 747-400 jumbo jet preparing for takeoff, while curious sunbathers on Maho beach stand to watch.

But as the aircraft’s engines begin to take real force, the sunbathers are in for a surprise- one they’ll surely never forget.

All I can say is I’m glad no one was injured, and that there was water nearby for the bathers to practically fly into!

Have a watch for yourself below; note that it takes about a minute before those engines really roar.