Poor Pug Can’t Keep Up With Her Siblings When Running. But What She Does? Adorable!

Pugs are some of the cutest breeds of dogs on the planet. They give their owners good company and they are known to be capable of adjusting to any type of lifestyle. The adorable pug in the video below might look normal at first glance, but she is a bit different than her doggie counterparts. The reason? Loca the pug runs unlike any pooch you might have seen before.

Her song about her special ability will crack you up for sure. Loca has three other siblings and she goes on to describe them too in her song. She says they know how to run up and down a hill quite easily, while all she can do is flip and jump all over the place. But wait till you see the moral she draws from all this! I couldn’t help but replay this a couple of times!