Professional Dancer Pulls Mom Into Video, But Her Surprising Moves Steal The Spotlight.

At InspireMore, we’ve seen some pretty incredible parent, kid dance duos. There was the time Austyn Sacramo was dancing in her living room to the summer smash hit ‘Whip/NaeNae’ and her cowboy dad jumped right in.

And who could forget professional dancer Mark Villaver and his adorable mom. The amazing thing? Villaver’s mom is totally deaf. She’s trained herself to “feel” the music through the floor as she dances. It really is incredible to witness. This time around, we have a particularly amazing mother, son duo so talented it’s hard to believe.

Kinjaz Dojo is a professional dancer and DJ that has a massive social media following. The young dancer decided to bring his mom in on his latest video, and we are so glad that he did.

Mother and son danced their hearts out to a song we will all remember, Gangnam Style.

Once again, there’s a good chance mom is more talented that Dojo. The best part is watching these two have a good ol time. Check out the video below!