She was targeted and pulled over by the cops, the treatment of her during the holidays is going viral

The police officers in Lowell, Michigan
are bringing a whole lot of Christmas cheer to motorists they „pull
over.“ But instead of doling out traffic ticket after traffic ticket,
the officers surprised them with the things that were on their Christmas
lists – either things for themselves or their little ones.

At a time where community relationships with the police are strained,
these officers are spreading cheer and love – and the attitudes given
back reflect the same type of holiday cheer! From little toys to
big-ticket electronics, these officers are playing Santa and they do it

To add to the holiday spirit, not a single one of the drivers pulled
over actually got a ticket. What a fun thing to see people getting
blessed unexpectedly! Take a peek at this heartwarming video for
yourself by pressing „Play“ below – but beware, you might need a few
tissues to dry your eyes!