Selfish Litterbug Throws Trash Out The Window, Then A Biker Teaches Her A Lesson

Consistently, more money is spent on tidying up the litter that many people thoughtlessly toss onto streets and grounds. In the video, one lady in Russia turns out to be so tired of the littering she witnesses every day that she chooses to jump on her motorcycle and do something about it.

And I mean, she really does something about it.

Like some masked, environment-friendly vigilante, this woman rides around town with a camera strapped to her helmet, waiting to spot guilty litterbugs in action.

First, she catches drivers throwing trash out their window and onto the ground. Then, our caped crusader rides right up to their windows and delivers a healthy serving of justice. But you’ll have to watch to find out her methods of punishment.

No one was harmed, no violence occurred, many viewers think this sends a great message to folks everywhere: Stop littering, or else!

Do you think she took it over the line, or do these people get what they deserve?