She Auditioned With Stage Fright, But Mesmerized Everyone With Her Song

When this first starts, you may get a sickening feeling that this poor woman is not going to fare too well in front of the audience and the judges. Her nervousness and stage fright are almost palpable, and the eternally cranky Simon Cowell and his frowning face do not help matters in the slightest.

And this woman, Alice Fredenham, didn’t tell anyone that she was auditioning. She did this in the hopes that if she failed, no one would be the wiser but it also potentially robs her of some much needed support. But as luck would have it, she didn’t need any support. As soon as she starts to sing, she mesmerizes everyone who is listening, and even gets Simon smiling from ear to ear!

The audience is silent, but then erupts into thunderous applause and a standing ovation once she finishes singing ‘My Funny Valentine’ in a rendition that, as Simon says, sounds “like liquid gold.” It’s a simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming reminder that some talent doesn’t even know it exists. We hope this experience serves as a much-needed confidence boost for Alice!