She Notices Her Friend Has Been Captured. But What Happens Next Is What You’ll Want To See.

Rescuing animals is a beautiful thing, really. The peace we get from rescuing them is immeasurable. Hope For Paws received a call about two homeless pit bulls living in a nearby truck yard. Without a moment of hesitation, the rescue group set out to bring the pups home. The pit bulls were living in the truck yard for about six months and people who saw them usually fed them, but no one could rescue them and bring them to safety.

As soon as Hope For Paws arrived the scene, the spotted the two pit bulls hiding under a truck, possibly with the fear of what’s about to happen. The rescuers started by sealing off the area to prevent the dogs from escaping. Volunteers from USA, UK, Australia and Costa Rica joined Hope For Paws to bring the two fur balls back to safety, but it wasn’t easy.

These two babies are desperately looking for their forever loving home and since they can’t be separated, potential adopter will have to adopt them both together. If you or anyone you know is willing to give them a home, please contact