She was absolutely terrified to sing in public, but her audition completely stunned Simon

Alice Fredenham was a highly unusual contestant. Instead of bringing her adoring fan club of friends and family members, Alice decided against having anyone coming in with her. She was so terrified of anyone knowing she signed up, let alone sang, that she didn’t tell a soul.

A pre-stage interview revealed that she suffered from intense stage fright. She was tearing up just talking about the immense anxiety that she felt at the thought of going out on stage and hearing the judges reject her.

She was absolutely terrified to sing in public but her audition completely stunned Simon 0

The shy 28-year-old reasoned that if she wasn’t successful she “wouldn’t have to admit that to anyone” if no one came along to watch her. Already balling up in an awkward stance, Alice stepped up to the microphone with her hands folded in front of her. The audience looked like they were preparing for the worst.

For anyone who doesn’t suffer under the plight of social anxiety or stage fright in general, it’s hard to understand why this was such an act of courage for this young woman. Your heart beats its way up into your throat, and a flood of thoughts batter the insides of your head. It’s like your mind and body don’t want to cooperate anymore.

For her to get on that stage and speak to the judges was brave enough but singing the way she did, feeling the way she did, was incredible.

Simon Cowell, the king of mean, manages to utter a shocked “Oh My God” as the other judges subsequently profess their love for the brilliant singer before them. My heart really goes out to this inspiring lady for overcoming her fears. Watch her wonderful performance in the video below.