He Hears The Shower Water Running. So He Grabs The Camera And Catches The Unthinkable!

We all know that our feline friends spend a lot of time grooming themselves. Cats give themselves a bath – well, sometimes several baths a day it seems! You may see a dog grooming itself, but they aren’t typically as thorough as cats. One reason may be that cats are more flexible and have more dexterity in their paws than dogs – so bathing is easier for them.

The dog in this video has figured out a way to get a thorough bath! He hops in the shower! His owner heard the water running and went to see – imagine opening the shower door to see your dog standing there! A couple scenarios come to mind: maybe the dog was got super dirty playing outside and didn’t want to get in trouble – so he hopped in the shower!

OR, the little guy, just had a hard day and wanted a hot shower!