Sixth grader shocks his school with a magical performance of a pop hit

For me, the best covers keep the magic of the original but also have a twist and capture the spirit of the performer. And there are so many good examples out there.

Like Pentatonix’s performance of Leonard Cohen’s „Hallelujah“ or Patrick Swayze’s interpretation of „Love Hurts.“

Now, I’ve found yet another one that I love. But this performer isn’t an established artist—or even an adult.

He’s a sixth grader.

Back in April 2010, then 12-year-old Greyson Chance stepped onstage at his school’s talent show. Most of the school was aware that Greyson was a gifted pianist, so they assumed he was just going to play an instrumental number. But then something happened…

Greyson opened his mouth and broke into Lady Gaga’s global hit „Paparazzi.“

Nothing could have prepared Greyson’s classmates and teachers for this performance. It’s quite an amazing performance, not just for a 12-year-old, but for anyone. Check it out here:

Wasn’t that impressive? It must have been something special to have such an impressive musical talent suddenly play the school talent show.

We hope Greyson continues to share his musical talent with the world! Please share this video so that more people can hear this masterpiece!