Son Asks Deaf Mom To Join Him For A Dance, Her Response Will Knock You Out Of Your Seat

Mark Villaver is a professional dancer and he has some impressive appearances behind him. Many would call performances with celebrities like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande the highlight of his career, but this video is completely stealing the spotlight. Mark decided to show everyone where he got his talent from and people have only one word to say – amazing!

Mark has a lot to thank to his Mom, but not everyone knows that she is deaf and can’t hear the music. Emilia Villaver Daquioag is an impressive woman who has a lot of passion for dancing. Despite her physical limitations, she is so good and does not let anything stop her.

The two recorded a video dancing to Usher’s “She Came To Give It To You”. Check it out, I am sure it will leave you cheering. Emilia is an inspiration for people all across the world, and this is something everyone needs to see.