Stromtroppers Started Dancing Onstage. Now Don’t Take Your Eyes Off Of Simon’s Face! LOL!

Lots of strange acts have been performed on the Britain’s Got Talent stage. It is not unexpected; considering the huge number of participants. But there has rarely been an act as unusual and entertaining as the one featured below!

If you are a fan of the iconic “Star Wars” franchise, you are familiar with the stormtroppers. These soldiers serve the dark side and are considered to be unapproachable. But as this video shows, stormtroppers are not always unwelcoming. They know how to have fun and they can entertain you endlessly! This group is called Boogie Storm, and in their auditions, they performed to a medley of hit songs. Everyone in the audience was up on their feet with they finished, and Simon even pressed his Golden Buzzer! He said to them, “My dream has come true. Thank you”.