Students In Japan Go Viral For Their Unbelievable Jumping Rope Skills

A group of students in Japan are taking the internet by storm with their one-of-a-kind synchronized jump rope routine.

If you were impressed by the Maryland cop who knows a thing or two about double dutch, then these talented school children will surely leave you in awe. No seriously, just one look at what these sixth grade students can do, I’m sure you’ll understand the international hype.

In the clip — originally posted on Facebook by Fuji Jump Rope Association — the children line up in rows to jump rope and form the number eight. Watching them go, I can’t help but wonder how many hours of practice went into this routine because I doubt it was an easy act to perfect. Heck, I stumble upon my own two feet when I jump rope, so I can’t even imagine doing it in sync with so many people.

Their skill is right up there with a routine by Adrienn Banhegyi, a world champion of skipping rope. In other words, it’s pretty mind-blowing!

The video has more than 6.4 million views, 141,000 shares, and a flood of comments from viewers all around the world.

Just watch the magic for yourself below and let us know if you were just as impressed by these children.