The Reason This Police Officer Ran Into Traffic Is So Heartwarming

On the streets of Lima, Peru, recently, a one-month-old kitten learned it had not one, but two guardian angels. Because after getting stuck on a highway, it was only a matter of time before she’d get hit. That’s when resident Lorena Castro saw what was happening and stopped her car. She was going to make a run for the cutie.

But just before she could open her door, a motorcycle cop burst onto the scene and said he’d take care of it. The policeman asked to remain anonymous and just went on with his day after the heart-pounding rescue — what a hero!

He handed the kitten to Castro, who instantly fell in love and adopted her. The new cat mom even named the sweetie „Polly Tana“ after the „Metropolitano“ bus route she was found on.

Together, the two are now inseparable, which is exactly the situation you’d want to be in with one of your guardian angels. Especially one that teamed up with an anonymous police officer with a heart of gold!