They Met 35 Years Ago. When He Grabs Her Hand To Dance… No One Could Believe Their Eyes

When it’s time for Charlie and Jackie to take the stage, they are filled with confidence and poise. They’ve been dance partners since 1981 and they know the steps to take home the Grand Nationals, Masters Division title by heart!

Since Charlie and Jackie have been partners for so many years, they also have the flow of each other’s bodies memorized. Even if one of them makes a small mistake, the other will compensate to cover for it – that means the audience gets to watch a seemingly flawless routine and they get to take home the trophy, again!

This special dancing duo are no strangers to official competitions like the Grand Nationals. In fact, they’ve participated in over 300 events and have won dozens of awards for their impressively precise technique. Out of all of the awards and recognitions, the one that stands out the most is the National Shag Dance prize. Jackie and Charlie have won this 9 out of 10 years they’ve participated! No matter their age, the light-footed pair will have years of jiving, shagging and swinging ahead of them!