They Put A Leash On A Starving, Neglected Dog. But They Weren’t Prepared For This…

Dogs are man’s best friend. And by that I don’t just mean males. They are the best friends to all of humankind. Dogs were the first wild species that humans domesticated, so they’ve been with us for most of the course of our evolution. Despite that, dogs sometimes still suffer at the hands of humans.

It’s tragic when people mistreat animals, but seeing an abused dog is particularly painful. Sadly, this is a story about a dog who was horribly abused. Her name is Angel. She was rescued by START Rescue, and at the time she was starving, in pain, and horribly neglected. START asked The Dog Rescuers to foster Angel so that she could get back to full health.

She spent some time with wonderful human beings, and now you wouldn’t even recognize her! She’s a completely changed dog. Share this incredible story with your friends too!