They Told Him Not to Sing About Jesus. That’s When Crowd Raises Hands In Most POWERFUL Performance in Show History

Corporate worship through music and song plays a key role in the lives of Christians around the world. The group dynamic of singing worship songs to glorify Jesus is rarely found outside of church buildings.

It may seem like hymns and worship songs have no place within popular culture. One contestant on The Voice, a reality television show featuring a singing competition, challenged that notion in a miraculous way!

Christian Cuevas from Orlando Florida wowed the judges beginning at his first audition. He sang a beautiful rendition of Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You.”

When he told the judges that he was 20 years old, singer and judge Alicia Keys immediately felt a connection with Cuevas. Not only was she moved by the emotion he put into his performance, but she saw herself in him.

Keys was 19 years old when her career began. When it came time for Cuevas to pick who his coach would be, anticipation grew before he happily picked Keys to fittingly be his coach.

Wowing the judges and picking the right coach are important aspects of the show, but Cuevas ultimately knew from the start why his presence on the show really mattered. Cuevas was on The Voice to glorify God.

“I felt God placed me here,” Cuevas explained as he reflected upon his journey on reality show.

He made the bold choice to pick a worship song for the semifinals. It is extremely rare to witness minutes of worship on a mainstream television show especially when one’s performance determines if the singer stays or leaves.

Cuevas felt called to praise God on the big stage despite how others may view him after such a public display of faith. It did not matter to him if his song choice would be what sent him home, as long as he put everything into making God’s name known on a show full of popular music.

His performance stood out in a powerful way as he sang Israel Houghton’s “To Worship You I Live.” Cuevas embodied the song’s message of living to worship God rather than fame, money, or other idols.

A section of the crowd was made up of a choir of people dressed in all white as they lifted their voices along with Cuevas to honor God in a way nobody viewing the show ever expected to witness! The beautiful picture of God’s name being proclaimed as people raised their hands in worship was striking to see on The Voice, and left an impression on an enormous amount of people tuning into the show.