This Horse Doesn’t Move A Muscle Until Achy Breaky Heart Comes On

Here is your fun, I can’t believe it video of the day! We all have
our favorite song, the one song that makes you want to stand up and
dance like nobody’s watching! The horse in this video has a favorite
song too! It is Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart.” Cyrus posted this
video in 2015 so other people could delight in the horse’s dance moves.

The horse is in a line of other horses in the center of the ring.
When the music starts, the horse can’t contain herself, and she starts
to dance! She seems to know the song and steps and twirls around in
front of everyone. The audience cheers and her moves are flawless.

This video is proof that with patience and time a horse can be
trained to dance. I have to admit, the horse did an excellent job
dancing to the music! Share away, people!