This Is The Worlds Sexiest Vet And He Is A Beast Charmer

A California-based veterinarian has taken the Internet by storm after sharing his photos on Instagram.

Evan Antin is a 30-year-old animal expert and exotic animal veterinarian who has spent years exploring 6 continents to provide treatment to animals in need. Aside from capturing the hearts of animals, Antin, who is also a part-time model, has captured the hearts of Internet users all over the world.

In 2014, Antin was named by People magazine as ‘Sexiest Beast Charmer’ and was chosen to appear in the magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue particularly in the Men at Work section. In his interview with The Daily Mail UK, Antin revealed that he thought that the award was “pretty funny”.

Antin’s fascination with exotic animals particularly reptiles initially started from fear. Eventually he developed interest and ended up pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine at the Colorado State University. He has been practicing at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital for almost two years now.