This Is Why You Don’t Tap On The Glass Of The Shark Tank

Washington D.C is a popular tourist location. The museums alone would keep visitors busy for weeks. The International Spy Museum opened in 2002. It is dedicated to espionage and offers insight into how spies have had an effect on world events. According to, their mission is to educate people about intelligence and espionage to help provide an understanding of the role it has had throughout history.

There are a variety of interactive spy experiences for visitors to enjoy! This video shows a grandmother who may or may not have enjoyed this particular exhibit! In the video, we hear her enter the room and ask “Are you trying to scare me?” HaHa! She has no idea what is about to happen, well, actually, she does seem to realize something isn’t quite right, but she plays along!

Those kids will be on the naughty list come
Christmas! Poor grandma! That special effects would have freaked me out