This Looks Like a Normal House from the Outside, but When You See the Inside, You’ll Wonder How Anyone Can Live Here.

If you think you’re pretty good at pinching pennies, step back and watch an expert at work. Todd Moriarty was featured on TLC’s hit show, Extreme Cheapskates, after he did something a little intense in an effort to see his house sell for as much money as possible.

After his divorce, Todd decided to sell his 2,600 square foot home. While the rest of the houses on Todd’s street would usually be sold for about $250,000, Todd is looking to value his home at the sale price of about $280,000 – a solid $30,000 more than the average local selling price.

How does he plan on doing this? To get the highest appraisal price possible Todd has taken extreme measures: he has plastic shrink wrapped the entire interior of his home to keep it in like new condition.

We’re not exaggerating here – the ENTIRE inside of the house has been wrapped up. From the floors, to the banisters, everything is covered in a protective layer of plastic. Even the toilet is completely covered in Saran wrap, although we’re not quite sure how that works out.

Oh, and this toilet is in one of three bathrooms in the house, two of which Todd has never used.

Todd also sleeps in the closet of his master bedroom, which he heats with a small space heater rather than waste utilities heating an entire bedroom.

While Todd believes he has done the right thing preserving the house as it is, he does believe his “cheap” nature may have driven away his ex-wife, Stephanie.

“I think my cheap ways had an effect on Stephanie because she probably felt my mind was always thinking about money and not putting her first,” Todd says..

He does admit, however, that “being cheap” is simply ingrained in him, and that he doesn’t know any other way to live.

Stephanie, Todd’s ex-wife, agrees with his sentiments, emotionally revealing to TLC that it was “very difficult to live that way” we she and Todd were together.

Despite the personal problems his penny pinching may have caused, it seems that Todd may be getting the positive appraisal and sell-price he wanted all along! Which hopefully makes up for a LOT of Saran wrapping