This Video Has Over 26 Million Views. The Reason? Keep An Eye On The Man In The Middle—ROFL!

When you go to see live performances, you expect to be entertained. Going to stand-up comedy shows are great when you’re looking for a good laugh. But sometimes, the comedian doesn’t even have to try to make the audience laugh—they do it themselves! The comedian in the following video had called a few men onstage with him, but he never expected this to happen next!

One of the men said that he worked with the government. His job was to supervise tanks being built. The comedian made a joke about the job and cracked everyone up. But the man in the yellow shirt did something nobody expected! His laughter itself was so funny that the comedian had to bring a mic to him to everyone else could hear it. And once you do hear it, there is no way you won’t double up in laughter!

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