This Video Of Dogs & A Cat On A Beach Is The BEST Version Of Pharrell Williams “Happy” Ever!

Pharrell Williams won a Grammy Award for the Best Music video for his song “Happy”. The song was released in 2013 and has a very (very) catchy beat! The song was written and recorded by Williams for the official soundtrack of the Despicable 2 movie. You can’t help but be happy while hearing the song – so get ready to be happy! The video you are about to enjoy is nearly three minutes of complete happiness!

The stars of the video are twelve dogs! They are all going on a fun-filled adventure to the beach! But, before we get to the beach, we have to pick everyone up, and they have to pose for cute photos! Didja, the famous skateboarding cat from Coolangatta, Australia, joins the happy canines at 1:57 for some fun in the water (so this cat can swim and skateboard)!

I bet you found it extremely hard not to clap along as you watched this adorable video!