Trace Adkins Sings „Arlington“ In Honor Of All Fallen Soldiers

The dim lights were set as he sat in thoughtful memory of men and woman who gave their lives for the sake of freedom. With a cowboy hat and boots, his country charm matched his deep county voice, singing the most beautiful words that has inspired so many people. His folded arms and bowed head showed an overall respectful composure as the scene shifted to a memorial where he honored the fallen soldiers.

This official video of Trace Adkins is a famous tribute, inspired by Marine Corps Corporal Patrick Nixon, who sacrificed his life serving our country. The song starts out with the thoughts of a man set on living his whole life, through the years, being buried in his hometown. But after all, through the lyrics, display the man’s true life lived out as a hero whose bravery carried him through his service just like his granddaddy.

The pride and honor that he sings of show a true American’s heart who is thankful to serve and can rest in peace through the hard work and service given to their country. The song ends with these heartbreaking, yet inspiring words: „Don’t cry for us, we made it to Arlington.“