Twins Decide To Have A Very Cute Race To See Who Can Reach Mommy First

It makes sense for a baby to be utterly obsessed with their mother. After spending 9 long months of being cooped up inside, it should come as no surprise that the bonds formed are truly miraculous.

So when mom walked in to find her two twins talking with each other and sharing secrets about the world, they instantly stopped what they were doing the second they noticed their mom had showed up with the camera!

The babies stare at mom for a few seconds, but the moment that she tells them to “come here!” they instantly began racing towards the goal! These babies already have a pretty serious sibling rivalry, and with one baby crawling on all fours and the other hopping on his butt, it seems like the baby on the left is going to get there first and win the prize!

But just like “The Tortoise and the Hare,” the quicker baby has to take a bit of a breather before moving again. In that period of time the baby on the right begins to edge his way closer to mom!

We can’t decide who wins the final race, but when you watch this video it becomes clear how important it is for moms and their babies to bond with each other. It really is the most beautiful thing in the world!