Instead Of Killing Unadoptable Cats, This Place Came Up With A BRILLIANT Idea!

Did you know that over three million pets are euthanized in the United States and half of this number are cats? Some cats are abandoned and then become stray cats. There are so many outrageous reasons that pet owner offer when asked why they abandoned their pets. Some pet owners even decide to get rid of them if they are unhappy with their pet’s looks or character.

These stray cats eventually get sent to animal shelters and these shelters can only take in a limited number at a time, so they opt for a voluntary euthanasia to reduce their population. This trend to reducing population of cats by euthanasia is disheartening, and a charity organization decided to step in and offer support to these animals to prevent them from being killed.

The outcome for a lot of cats in animal shelters is quite grim or as some call it, deadly. In a bid to save the innocent lives of a few thousands of cats and their kittens which stray into Spokane area shelters annually, the Farm Livin’ program was created in 2009. This program was provided in conjunction with area farm homes as it was a
cooperative program which requires barn cats for the special purpose of rodent control.

The farmers and people with rural barn homes can apply to SpokAnimal, and they will receive free cats to help them protect their farms from rodents. All the cats under this Farm Livin’ program are vaccinated and then sprayed or neutered, so they cannot reproduce.

The cats are moved into their new homes and given a free bag of cat food. The new owners make an agreement to care for and to provide them with a farm building or barn for them to live in, and food with which they can use to supplement what they catch while hunting.

Some of the cats are from three months and older, and are already accustomed to independent living, because they can fend for themselves. Some cats may be friendly and playful with their new owners, and other
cats might just be feral.